Snow Horse Polo Trail for Kargil Winter Expedition III Played at Drass

Ladakh (The Stellar News): In Ladakh, Snow Horse Polo exhibition game started in Drass Kargil, an initiative by polo promotion committee Ladakh and Ladakh Adventure Sports. It was a trial match for upcoming Kargil Winter Expedition Edition III, which is focused on promoting the Adventure Tourism Potentials of Ladakh and Drass Has all the Avenues Available, Said Amin Polo President polo Promotion Committee Kargil. Iit’s pertinent to mention here that Snow Horse Polo is Either played in  Switzerland , America , Austria and few of the western countries  and this is the first time that the Sports is tried in Drass Kargil, The second coldest inhabited place in the world.


Amin Polo appreciating the efforts of Shah Nawaz Var Founder and Chairman Ladakh Adventure Sports for bring the unique Idea for promotion of Winter Tourism and Adventure Tourism for the benefit of the people of the Area making the lean period of Winters Economical, said that the initiative that is the Kargil Winter Expedition Edition III will get full support from the Tourism Department of UT Ladakh.

Shah Nawaz Var Founder and Chairman Of Ladakh Adventure Sports said that this is atrial for the upcoming Kargil Winter Expedition and Snow Horse Polo is part of the Event and this winter they are bringing many more events which are happening for the first time In India and is confident that the events will attract more and more tourist towards Ladakh in the lean period of Winters. He further said that his motive is to bring out the potentials of the winter season of Ladakh and make Ladakh as one of the best Adventure Tourist Destination in India.


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