Rajouri police apprehended absconded in many cases

J&K/Rajouri (The Stellar News) Anil Bhardwaj: Police party of police station Rajouri Headed By SHO P/S Rajouri Insp. Fareed Ahmed and assisted by psi Shokit Iqbal of police station Rajouri. Laid a Surprise Naka at Jawharnagar Area during Naka checking the police party arrested a Notorious thief, Drug Addict/absconder/and habitual of Crime Accused Namely sunny Sharma S/O Romesh chander R/O W.No 05 jawharnagar Rajouri and as per record of this police station following cases have been registered and challaned in the court of law.
01 case Fir No 428/2012
U/S 307/341/323/382/34/RPC
02 case FIR No 503/13
U/S 379/RPC
03 626/14 U/S 379/RPC
04 CASE FIR NO 158/15
U/S 353/336/332/RPC
05 529/15 U/S 457/380/RPC
06 CASE FIR NO 71/16
U/S 380/RPC
07 CASE FIR NO 748/16
U/S 457/380/RPC
08 CASE FIR NO 755/16
U/S 457380/RPC
09 CASE FIR NO 13/17
U/S 382/34 RPC
10 CASE FIR NO 134/17
U/S 234/RPC
11 case FIR NO 443/20
U/S 457/380/IPC
12 CASE FIR NO 423/20
U/S 223/224/ IPC
13 CASE FIR NO 407/20
U/S 457/380/109/ IPC
.whoever the following warrant of arrest U/S 512/crpc have been issued by the Hon’ble court. Against Him.
01_Warrant U/S 512/crpc in case FIR No 71/16 U/S 380/201/RPC
02 case FIR NO 620/12 U/S 457/380/RPC 03 Case FIR No 407/20 U/S 457/380/ IPC and he was also wanted to arrest in 06 Non Bailable warrants of different cases.the accused is in police lock_up he will be produced before the court of law .for further court order.



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