Jammu and Kashmir (The Stellar News) Saksham Kalia: Gujrat man imposter poses as the Prime Minister Office senior official managed to took the Jammu and Kashmir administration for a ride, from enjoying Z- Plus security, stay in a five-star hotel and a whole lot more, arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir Police.


The imposter, Kiren Bhai Patel, also held a series of meetings with officials during his two visits to Srinagar earlier this year.

Patel, who was impersonating an Additional Director for strategy and campaigns in the Prime Minister’s office, was arrested at least 10 days ago, but his arrest was kept secret by the police. On Tmhursday, details of his arrest emerged after a magistrate sent him to judicial custody. It’s nuclear if a first information Report or FIR was registered on the same day of his arrest or there was same delay in filling it.

There are many videos of him travelling to various places escorted by the paramilitary and the police. He is seen walking through snow at Doodhpathri in Budgam with paramilitary guards. He is also seen posing for a photo in front of the clock tower Lal Chowk in Srinagar.

Sources say Patel also held meetings with officials to discuss ways to bring more tourists from Gujarat and about making Doodhpathri a major tourist destination.

Patel came under suspicion after he arrived in Srinagar on his second visit within two weeks. Sources said an IAS officer who is a district magistrate informed the police about the visit of a “senior PMO officer” last month.

The intelligence agencies alerted the police about a conman impersonating a PMO official. After verifying his background, the police were asked to arrest the man from a hotel in Srinagar.

Sources say action has been initiated against two police officials for the goof up and the failure to detect the imposter in time.

A team of Gujarat police is also joining the investigations, sources said.


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