“Dil Ki Baaten” program gaining acclaim and fame internationally

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Punjab Govt. Advt. Punjab Govt. Advt. Punjab Govt. Advt.

Toronto (The Stellar News): Aagaz A Mehfil is a literary organization in Toronto, Canada, founded by Mrs Anupam Mithaas Kaura. “Dil Ki Baaten – Zindagi Ek Aaina” program on the screen of Aghaz e Mahfil, which was conceptualized by Anupam Mithas, who is a teacher as well as a writer is a highly successful program.
 Canny Gogia, career counselor, well being coach, author and public speaker  is the Founder of Kikk Foundation, an organization which does empowerment and well being sessions for the students is the host of the program.


 So this program “Dil Ki Baatein – Zindagi Ek Aainaar”, run by Canny Gogia on the screen of Aaghaz a Mahfil has been airing continuously for the past 13 weeks and is gaining much acclaim and fame internationally.

On Saturday April 3rd, 2021 at seven in the evening, the meeting was done with Dr. Sweta Sinha, the environmental scientist and poet of America. Dr. Sweta shared her life story and other beautiful literary creations in the interaction with Canny Gogia.

This event was very successful and in the coming time, people from different fields who are literature passionates will be invited to the program “Dil Ki Baatein” where we will see and understand the mirror of life from their perspective.


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