Delhi (The Stellar News) Saksham Kalia: Journalism, the Fourth Pillar of Indian Democracy is losing its reputation and credibility in this materialistic world. In last few decades the journalism has changed its image, from informer to a black mailing weapon.


The biggest reason behind this is the evolution of unauthorised social media journalism which has endangered the real role journalism in world.

As most of the people in this world have Internet Connections, that has totally turned the role of Journalism. Everyone in this world is becoming journalist. Anyone in this world can make his own channel without any identification or permission and upload whatever they want. No one is here to check them, they can publish false news, false facts and just because of this, journalists in today’s world are declared as blackmailers not informers or public voice.

Most of the authorised and registered newspapers, channels are facing difficulties. As they are investing a lot of wealth, spending on reporters, editors, and writers to give people qualitative and credible news but these unauthorised Facebook and Youtube journalists are just working through their phones. They are just sensationalising and spreading false news.

As the level of journalism is continuously falling, it is demotivating the budding journalists when they see that there degrees stands no-where in this field. There is no need of degree for becoming journalist, reporter because the degree holder and uneducated one stands on same level in practical journalism.

The students like journalism students, graphic designing students, animation students and computer software students are feeling disappointed when they see the downfall of qualitative work in the respective fields. As these unauthorised social media journalists don’t know the limitations of journalism what to publish or what not to be publish, so creating problems for real journalism. They are blackmailing people with their fake popularity on facebook or Youtube channels by calling themselves Journalist.

There is a need to make strict laws which will make journalism field more clean and will increase the credibility of journalists. There should be proper criteria or proper identification of every Journalist so that good journalism will be promoted otherwise the institutes which make good journalists should be banned in the country. There should be proper distinguish between a Journalist and a social media influencer. Both cannot be categorised as same, becoming Journalist requires lot of knowledge, manners but social media influencer just requires internet connection and a phone camera.

This should be mandatory for every journalist to get license from Press council of India for working in the field so that he/she should be in-check of authority. Its the duty of Government Public relation department to ban or discourage these Facebook and Youtube journalists who are just operating through their phones.

Same as lawyers get license to work, journalists will also get license for working in profession. Proper regulations and punishments should be introduced by government for the fake journalists and false news spreaders, so that the fourth pillar of democracy will not lose its identity in India.


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