Hoshiarpur (The Stellar News-Saksham Kalia): After few months when the effect of pandemic is reducing but not finished yet from Country, Government of Punjab had taken some steps which reveal their carelessness towards covid-19. Firstly in month of January, CM Punjab Capt Amarinder Singh was saying that, pandemic is still there, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing wouldn’t be ignored in state. But the announcement of CM doesn’t seen effective. People ignored taking precautions and state administration was just watching silently.


Instead of talking precautions, state Government gave permission to hold Municipal elections in state. So, this creates a question in minds of public. Is pandemic finished from state?

During elections candidates and senior leaders of different parties campaigned in various areas with big crowds. After winning, all the candidates who had wins municipal elections belonging to state ruling party or other, celebrated with large crowd. They ignored all the health protocols. This is not a single example of Ignorance in state, state Government is not taking any actions or taking precautions for Farmer organizations and other organizations who were sitting from last many months. The protests and rallies which are biggest source of covid-19 transmission in state were undergoing with Government permissions. Now, after elections CM Punjab imposed various restrictions in state. This gives birth to mistrust between people of state and government. Biggest and main questions arouses in minds of public are, Why Government ignored pandemic at the time of elections? Why Government decreased testing in month of elections? Why Police is not doing strictness against careless people? Why big gatherings during elections ignored by state Government? Is elections was responsible for recent spike in corona cases in state?

But we can’t ignore our responsibility towards the pandemic. We cannot see towards government every time. It’s not possible to stop pandemic without the support of people. It’s not right to put full blame to government because when government appeals everyone not to stand in groups most of people ignore the appeals. So, everyone should follow government issued health protocols to erase the existence of Pandemic from earth soon.


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